Regional Retreats

Our Operations Team

Your regional retreats are being planned and hosted by our outgoing Regional Directors and incoming Regional Vice Presidents. We are happy to introduce you to the team:

RD1_merydelrosario RD2_natasha hummingbird-ruby-throat rvp4_veronica
Mery del Rosario

RVP 1: Eastern New York

Natasha Torres

Outgoing RD2: Mid-Atlantic

Jasmine Chandoo

RVP 3: Western New York

Veronica Almeida

RVP 4: New England

rvp5_theresa rvp6_maria rvp7_isabeth outgoingRDs
Theresa Flores

RVP 5: Southeast

Maria Ocasio

RVP 6: Midwest

Isabeth Mendoza

RVP 7: West Coast

2015 Regional Directors

Outgoing RDs serving from 2014-2015


Find Your Regional Retreat

Find and register for the Regional Retreat happening in your area this winter!

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